Are your orthotics toe-tally old? Do they need repairing or replacing???


Any of the following points sound familiar? If so it might be a sign you need to have your orthotics reviewed/replaced:

• Return of initial pain, or a new pain
• Discomfort when wearing the orthotics
• Change of work, activity level or sport
• Don’t fit in new shoes (can grind the orthotic down)
• Worn/torn covers
• For children – feet have grown and orthotics are too small

Just like shoes, your prescription orthotics become worn over time! They generally have a life around the 4 year mark, but this depends on your activity levels. High impact activities increase the wear and tear quicker than low impact exercises.

It is recommended to have your orthotics checked once per year as small alterations can help to extend the life of the orthotics and help to keep you pain free.

Happy soles happy souls 🙂