Callous & Corns

Callous and corns are common skin conditions which are characterized by a localised area of thickened skin due to response of pressure and friction.  They are both from an excess build up of dead skin.   Corns are caused from a concentrated area of pressure, whereas callouses are from a disperse area. Due to the repetitive pressure and friction, the skin protects itself and as a result the skin thickens.   There are four main types of corns – hard corns, soft corns, seed corns, and neurovascular corns.  The common sites are the ball of the foot where there are pressure areas, in between the toes, and from tight shoes.   

Risk Factors:Callous and corns

  • Tight shoes
  • Poor alignment of the bones (eg. Toes that overlap, bunions)
  • Poor biomechanics (eg. Hypermobile 1st ray)
  • Walking barefoot

Assessment – The podiatrists at toe-tal will diagnose the condition through a physical examination, and go through all the necessary treatments listed below to help you get back on the right path. 


  1. Debridement of callous and/or corn from a podiatrist
  2. Podiatrist to determine the cause of the callous and/or corn and provide advice to try to slow down the progression or prevent the problem occurring again
  3. Wear well supported footwear
  4. Use web spacers, toe separators or gel toe caps as this will help to reduce irritation and pressure between the toes
  5. Footwear advice/modification which will help to redistribute the pressure evenly across the feet. Important to have cushioning present in the shoe. Talk to the podiatrist about what specific footwear suits your foot best.
  6. Apply heel balm or urea cream on a regular basis
  7. Patient can gently use a pumicestone or a foot file to remove the thick hard skin. Depending on the severity will require more regular treatment.  
  8. Orthotic therapy to redistribute pressure evenly across the feet

Attention: Corn pads or OTC treatments which contain acid can be dangerous, especially for people with diabetes or circulation problems.

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