Cracked Heels / Racked Heels / Heel Fissures

Cracked heels or heel fissures, is described as splitting of the skin, which are a common foot condition we see in the podiatry clinic. The skin cracks with high pressure to heel, when skin of the heel are not hydrated properly. If cracks become deeper, it will become painful and even bleeding. In severe cases heel fissures can become infected, and can result in cellulitis.

Risk Factors:cracked heels

  • Dry skin
  • Open-back shoes or sandal
  • Excessive weight
  • Prolong standing
  • Circulation problems
  • Medical conditions eg. Diabetes, psoriasis

Assessment – The podiatrists at toe-tal will diagnose the condition and go through all the necessary treatments listed below to help get you on the right path. 


  1. Debridement of cracked heel from a professional (Podiatrists at toe-tal podiatry can debride fissures safely)
  2. Footwear advice/modification to  redistribute the pressure off the heel  – (talk to the podiatrist at toe-tal about what specific footwear would suit your feet best). Avoid wearing thongs and/or being barefoot as much as possible.
  3. Strap around the heel to decrease skin movement (Podiatrists at toe-tal podiatry can teach you how to do this)
  4. Wear closed in shoes and socks
  5. Apply heel balm cream or urea cream on a regular basis to keep skin hydrated
  6. Use pumicestone or a foot file to remove thick hard skin gently once a week or more often if required
  7. If it starts to bleed, apply an antiseptic and clean dressing. Observe closely until heals, and consider if need to make an appointment.

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