Flat feet / Fallen arches

People with flat feet, also known as fallen arches, have a flattening of the insteps during standing and walking. The majority of flat feet is painless and does not cause any disadvantages in daily life. However when it is associated with other musculoskeletal problems such as weakness and/or tightness of leg muscles, it can cause pain in the sole of the foot or ankle areas. The pain usually present during weight-bearing activities such as walking and running. However, it is also common that patients report non- specific pain anytime during the day.

SymptomsFlat Feet

  • Feet tire easily
  • Pain in the arch and heels
  • Swelling in feet or ankles
  • Difficulty in standing on tip toes
  • Back and leg pain


  • Hereditary
  • Obesity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Weakness or tightness of leg muscles
  • Trauma
  • Other disorders

Assessment The podiatrists at toe-tal will diagnose the condition through a physical examination and biomechanical assessment. These assessments include checking lower limb muscle imbalance (weakness &/or tightness), range of motion and stiffness of legs and feet.

The podiatrists at toe-tal podiatry will observe and complete a gait analysis to patients with flat feet.  With this analysis, and in combination with the physical examination, the patient will be informed about the degree of their flat feet and be given the various treatment options according to their symptoms and physical needs.  

Treatment: – Flat feet require treatment only if clearly associated with pain or decreased function.

  1. Stretching and strengthening exercises
  2. Footwear advice/modification
  3. Orthotic therapy

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