Ingrown Toenail / Onychocryptosis

Ingrown toenails (onychocryptosis) are caused by pressure from the growth of the nail edge into the skin of the toe, most commonly seen in the big toe. Initially presenting with minor discomfort it may continue to progress and result in an infection and become a reoccurring problem.

Risk Factors:Ingrown Toenails

  • Inappropriate nail cutting
  • Poor footwear – narrow toe box
  • Poor biomechanics
  • Repetitive pressure or trauma (kicking)
  • Abnormal toe nail shape
  • Hereditary condition, eg involuted nail


  1. Salt water bath for 3-5 minutes
  2. Removal of penetrating nail spicule (the podiatrist at toe-tal will be able to remove nail spike)
  3. Footwear advise –  avoid the pressure from footwear (talk to the podiatrist at toe-tal about what footwear suits your foot best)
  4. Correct cutting technique of toenails
  5. Antibiotic treatment may be required if toenail is infected
  6. Nail surgery to remove partial/total nail permanently (talk to the podiatrist at toe-tal for more information)

What to do:

  • Cut nails straight across and file edges – DO NOT cut down the sides
  • Seek medical help from a Podiatrist ASAP if pain persists
  • Avoid tight and narrow fitting footwear

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