Foor Ulcers

Foot ulcers are an open sore on the foot, which usually resulted from increased pressure, decreased sensation and decreased circulation. Research shows that more than 20% foot ulcers are due to ill-fitting shoes. The elderly population are at higher risk of developing foot ulcers because of multiple medical conditions, complex medication regimens and limited mobility. Also, people with diabetes have a significantly high risk of developing foot ulcers due to damaged blood vessels and nerves.  In saying this, most foot ulcers can be prevented.

Symptoms include:Foot Ulcer

  • Swelling, redness or heat
  • Cut, blister or pus
  • Unpleasant smell

Risk Factors:

  • Poor shoes
  • Callous or corns
  • Foot deformities (eg. claw toes)
  • Decreased sensation and circulation

Assessment – The podiatrists at toe-tal will diagnose the condition through a physical examination and go through all the necessary treatments listed below to help get you on the right path. 

Treatment: –

  1. Debridement of callous and corns from a health professional (Podiatrist at toe-tal podiatry can deride dead skin safely)
  2. Apply and change dressing as required, and keep the area clean
  3. Offload pressure from the area to promote healing (Podiatrist at toe-tal podiatry can apply suitable offload padding according to ulcer location)
  4. Footwear advice/modification to  redistribute pressure of heel  – (talk to the podiatrist at toe-tal about what footwear suits your foot best)
  5. If ulcer is infected, require antibiotic treatment


  1. Check feet daily, especially all pressure points (Podiatrist at toe-tal podiatry can help remove source of pressure)
  2. Avoid barefoot and wear properly fitting sock and shoes
  3. Ensure protection of skin – clean feet, dry between toes thoroughly, use moisturizer on the feet to prevent hard skin and/or cracks

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