Ankle Pain

There are many causes of ankle pain. The most commonly encountered ankle pain that we see in the podiatry clinic is called “lateral ankle instability” caused by range of conditions such as sudden injury from sports or from having mechanical weakness in ankle joint. It is normally a chronic condition that the patient needs ongoing treatments and reviews in order to prevent further complications in their foot and ankle structure.


  • Pain usually on the outside of ankle joint while walking or running.Ankle Pain
  • A feeling of weakness (Instability)
  • Repeated lateral ankle sprains
  • Tenderness

Risk factors

  • Increased levels of physical activity
  • Malalignment of lower legs
  • Leg muscles weakness / imbalance
  • Having high arched foot related pathologies

Assessment The podiatrists at toe-tal will diagnose the condition through a physical examination and biomechanical assessment. These assessments include checking lower limb muscle muscles imbalance (weakness& tightness), range of motion test of leg and foot and organizing ultra sound image to see the degree of soft tissue damage around the ankle.

The podiatrist at Toetal podiatry will also implement gait analysis to the patient with ankle pain. With this analysis, the podiatrist can provide more comprehensive knowledge and evidence regarding the cause of their ankle pain, especially if there is any involvement  with their foot mechanics.

Treatment: – It is important to follow a rehabilitation program so your injury doesn’t reoccur.

  1. REST or decrease in training intensity
  2. Apply ICE over the painful area for 15 minutes
  3. Ankle strapping / Brace
  4. Take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for pain relief
  5. Stretching and strengthening exercises – (talk to podiatrist what exercises require to do)
  6. Footwear advice/modification – (talk to the podiatrist at toe-tal about what footwear suits your foot best)
  7. Orthotic therapy
  8. Referral can be made to physiotherapy